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The history of New Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church began in 1908 with a small group of Christian believers meeting weekly in each other's homes. This number of followers increased each time they met and soon there was a need for a church building in the Livingston St. vicinity. In 1914 the group purchased a two-room house at the Herman Ave and Livingston Street site. They named it Mount Olive Baptist Church. Under the leadership of Rev. J.E. Watson, the “sounding pastor” of the church, members readily renovated the house into one large room. A few years later two more rooms were added to the wooden structure.

By this time the membership of Mount Olive Church continued to increase at a medium pace but surely. Soon there was a need for still a larger place of worship. A Massive Building Fund was launched in the early 1920’s. Within a two-year period, the church members had scrapped, worked really hard and saved enough money to began construction of a new, better, bigger Building-Giving Honor to God! 

In 1926 the new church was completed at 149 Livingston Street at the corner of Herman Ave. At this time the Rev. J.T. Drake became the next Pastor. Rev. Drake served the church for a period of two years after which he was succeeded by Rev. A.B. Roberts. who served the congregation until 1932. Following his death, his widow Mrs. Myrtle Roberts continued to work faithfully at Mount Olive until failing health was her demise. Later in the same year 1932, the church called the Rev. E.B. King to the Pastorate. Under his leadership, Mount Olive began to flourish significantly. The membership appeared to have more than tripled in a relatively short period of time. The church was successful in liquidating its indebtedness, burn the mortgage, as well as continued progress in several meaningful, beneficial endeavors. In order for the church to do business without using its old record, the church’s name was changed from Mount Olive Baptist Church to the NEW Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. 

In March 1957 Rev E.B. King died while pastoring New Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. In 1958 the Rev. R.T. Duncan was called to Pastor and remained so until his resignation in 1962. Later that year L.B. Reed was called to the Pastorate of the church. Under Rev. Reed’s leadership, several youth-oriented programs were initiated which focused primarily on engaging and assisting the young people o how to do well even in a troubled society. Rev. Reed served the church well until his resignation in 1971. In 1972 the church called Rev. O.T. Tomes. Under his administration, God blessed the church to move forward to be able to build the first phase of a brand new edifice in addition to purchasing nearly four (4) acres of surrounding land for the total completion of a planned package church project. As of today, the total project is still under the auspices of a loving, caring, God in charge. 

During O.T. Tomes tenure New Mt. Olive Church was successful in organizing orderly functioning ministries that served the church and the community at large. O.T. served New Mt. Olive for 29 years before retiring in 2001. The church remained without a Pastor until 2005 at which time Rev. Phyllis Martin became the Pastor. She was instrumental in strengthening the neighborhood through various workshops and constructive measures. In 2007, Rev. Martin through God’s guidance and direction, we were successful in having a “Mortgage Burning”. Pastor Martin remained at New Mt. Olive until her resignation in December of 2012. Since that time New Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church has been absent a permanent Pastor, however; we as a church family have truly been blessed to have had committed, dedicated ministers to grace our pulpit Sunday after Sunday. God has supplied our need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus, Philippians 4:19. Having received the continued basic words of wisdom, strength, and inspiration our church has not waived but has been steadfast in its faith., trust, and Christian Love. 

The Elder Kim Harrison has faithfully served New Mount Olive during our absence of a Pastor. She acted as an Interim Pastor past a year of service and we were blessed to have her rendered service I the manner she allowed God to use her to care for New Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church and make his presence known. Today 2017, God has shown favor to us by sending us Rev. Hackett until 2022. 

Pastor Joseph T. Hackett

Special thanks to everyone who helps to keep our church running smoothly.

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